• Bernarr Macfadden was the Elvis of American health—the charismatic, photogenic vessel through whom a lot of scary ideas were amplified and made palatable for a mass audience. Where would other diet and exercise gurus fit on the pop charts? Here’s a handy conversion table to simplify things.

    John Harvey Kellogg : Bing Crosby

    Joseph Pilates : Buddy Holly

    Arnold Schwarzenegger : Tom Jones

    Richard Simmons : Leo Sayer

    Andrew Weil : John Mayer

    Dean Ornish : Leonard Cohen

    Robert Atkins : Meatloaf

    Bob Greene : Late-period Paul McCartney

    The ‘Skinny Bitch’ duo : Sonny and Cher (or maybe Cher x 2)

    Kevin Trudeau : Milli Vanilli