• Macfadden set out in his Encyclopedia of Physical Culture to provide stridently non-medical treatments for almost any physical or mental disease. (In fact, he warned that none of his cures would work on anyone who dared to ingest medicine as an insurance policy.) Some patterns can be seen in the cures provided in the 1926 edition of his masterwork:

    Malady: Alcoholism

    Treatment: Undergo complete water fast, start exercising.

    Malady: Appendicitis

    Treatment: Stop eating, take multiple enemas. When fever breaks, eat only fruit. Under no circumstances see a surgeon.

    Malady: Brain tumor

    Treatment: Apply hot, moist packs to nape of neck; get fresh air.

    Malady: Common cold

    Treatment: Fasting. Under no circumstances should one feed a cold.

    Malady: Constipation

    Treatment: Enema, fibrous diet, avoidance of highly-seasoned foods. (Note: This section of the Encyclopedia is twice as long as the one for cancer.)

    Malady: Emphysema

    Treatment: Total avoidance of indoor air. Undergo complete fast, get fresh air.

    Malady: Epilepsy

    Treatment: Fruit diet followed by milk diet, take up exercise.

    Malady: Flatulence

    Treatment: Consume large amounts of hot water, undergo complete fast.

    Malady: Heart disease

    Treatment: Fasting, followed by calorie restricted diet, aerobic exercise program.

    Malady: Homesickness

    Treatment: Outdoor exercise, cold baths.

    Malady: Migraines

    Treatment: Fasting, enemas.

    Malady: Pneumonia

    Treatment: Enema, water guzzling, fasting.

    Malady: Sleepwalking

    Treatment: Cold baths upon waking and prior to sleeping.