• …was America’s original health guru; he cured his own tuberculosis by adopting an extreme diet and exercise program that he named Physcultopathy— which he then vowed to share with the world.

  • …founded America’s first great health magazine, Physical Culture. Its mix of articles on diet, exercise, sex and alternative medical therapies—plus a few nude photos—sold forty million copies between the two world wars.

  • …opened a national chain of health-food restaurants when Teddy Roosevelt was president (and offered Roosevelt a plan to put the U.S. Army on a raw-food diet).

  • …hosted the first bodybuilding competitions in America, at Madison Square Garden. Macfadden helped one impressive winner, Charles Atlas, launch a mail-order fitness empire.

  • …founded his own whole-grain food and nudism utopia in what is now suburban New Jersey.

  • …published a five volume, 3,000-page compendium of advice on healthy living and preventive medicine—including vegetarianism, chiropractic, osteopathy, homeopathy, weight lifting, pleasurable sex, and preventing heart trouble via exercise. In 1912.

  • …started the New York Evening Graphic, a scandalous Roaring Twenties tabloid that launched the careers of Walter Winchell, Ed Sullivan, future New York mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, and Confidential magazine founder Robert Harrison.

  • …declared war on the "medical monopoly" of the American Medical Association and its "barbaric" practices of vaccination and surgery.

  • ...arranged with Physical Culture contributor Benito Mussolini to train forty Fascist cadets at his new state-of-the art wellness center in upstate New York.

  • …published the story quashing rumors that Democratic front-runner Franklin Roosevelt’s polio had left him physically unfit to run for president—then hired First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt to edit a new magazine for mothers, titled Babies, Just Babies.

  • …ran for senator in Florida as a last-minute entrant, narrowly missing a run-off with the incumbent due to vote-counting shenanigans.

  • …founded Cosmotarianism, a religion that combined Christianity with diet and exercise tips.

  • …Left behind protégés who sparked the fitness revival of the 60s and 70s.

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